JWM WM-5000V4S Flashlight Security Guard Patrol System


JWM WM-5000V4S Security Guard Tour System Specs:

  • The guard patrol system downloads data by USB cable, up to 8000 records/min. A long-range guard patrol reader can read both 125khz RFID tags and 2.4G tags. With 2.4G mode, you can read checkpoints over 30m. It can also read cards with downloaders.
  • You will not have to download and install the software to use the device. We will open a free Cloud account for you, you just need to log in to set it up. You can check the data anytime and anywhere only log in to your Cloud account. If you need the stand-alone version software, please feel free to contact us for it.
  • The guard patrol tour system includes 1*Guard Patrol Reader+1*Downloader+10*Checkponits+2*Staff Tag+1*USB Cable+Manual+CD. Note: The software supports all windows systems (32bit&64bit); NOT support the Apple MAC system.
  • 125KHz frequency RFID inductive reader, handshake feels super good. Metal shell, with IP67 waterproof feature; Silicone liner protects host board, effective anti-fall, and shockproof function. Even if accidentally dropped, it will not cause any damage to the equipment.
  • Multiple patrol men can share to use the same patrol wand reader. Just make sure they will not use the wand at the same time. The guard patrol systems are very suitable for different patrols or inspections: including the park, schools, shopping malls, banks, transportation, and so on.