ITC T-77120 IP Network Class-D Power Audio Adapter


1) Standard 19-inch rack design, black aluminum panel, human-based handle, exquisite and high-class design.

2) 3.4 inch industrial-grade LCD screen, super anti-jamming performance, avoid instability infrared operation, clearly show most lattice pattern, and the machine working status.

3) Adopt embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology; high-speed chip cut the start-up time to less than 1 second.

4) Built-in one-channel network hardware audio decoding module that supports TCP / IP, UDP, IGMP(IP multi-Cast protocol), could transmit 16 bits stereo CD audio sign.

5) Built-in Hi-Fi analog amplifier,60W/120W/240W/350W/500W, 4-16Ω output and and constant voltage 70V-100V output.

6) One AUX and one MIC input, with independent volume control, treble and bass control, and support paging without network