ITC T-7701 – Economic Rack Mount IP Network Audio Adapter -100Mbps

  • With the design of 19 racks mounts IP/TCP network audio adapter, black alumina panel, Solid Handle, and Professional mechanical assembly process, with excellent high-end appearance.
  • Industrial-grade LCD display in 3.4-inch, it can clearly show the majority of the dot pattern and machine working status; equipped with infrared remote control, on-demand all contents in server program library, available to control the playback/pause, flexible and simple operation.
  • Embedded with PC technology, built-in DSP Audio processing technology design, and high-speed industrial chip to ensure a start time of less than 1 second.
  • Built-in 1-channel network hardware audio decoding module, supports TCP/IP, UDP, and IGMP (Multicast Protocol), enabling networked transmission of 16-bit CD-quality audio signals