ITC T-67120 120W Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter


  • Standard rack mount design and it’s in a brushed aluminum case.
  • It’s with industrial LCD screen of 3.4 inches and it’s anti-IR interference.
  • It’s built-in DSP so that it could process information quickly and start up less than 1s.
  • It’s a built-in codec module to process network audio and it supports multiple protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, and IGMP, which achieve transmitting stereo audio in 16 bits in the network.
  • It’s a built-in hifi analog amplifier(60W/120W/240W/350W/500W) with constant voltage output at 70V or 100V and constant impedance output at 4 to 16 ohms.
  • With 1 AUX input and 1 Mic input with individual treble/bass control and volume control.
  • With 1 EMC input with the highest priority.
  • With 1 AUX output to connect the external power amplifier.
  • With 1 3-wire forced switching output for volume control.
  • Built-in intelligent power management. When the signal is input, it would be turned on automatically. Vice versa. And users could write programs to control the power.
  • With a function to preset the mute depth and the background music.
  • Support remotely unicast.
  • Support DHCP and it’s compatible with multiple network structures including routers, switchers, gateway bridges, modern, internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast, etc.
  • Support at least 3 kinds of safe authorization IP configuration and its safety factor is higher than the remote configuration of Web.
  • With authorization operation management system.
  • Support PSTN phone broadcast and SM voice broadcast.
  • Support on-demand unicast via Wifi and IR remote controller.
  • Support spare line design for power supply at DC 24V
  • With indicators to display status, level, protection, standby, etc.
  • Support PC to modify its IP address via its serial port.
  • This IP PA system adopts a common network design so that the installation is convenient.
  • Standby power is less than 3W.