Aircom AW-CUT-201 Digital Wireless Chairman Unit –


  • 5G Standard WiFi Wireless communication, with less delay and high-quality sound while no interference from 2.4G signal, setting up all systems in few minutes to be ready for use, and put them away in a short time as well
  • Stylish, low-profile design with a touchable interface. Built-in DC connector for power supply without battery
  • The detachable battery pack is so easy to replace and charge, with 20 hours of continuous working time after a full charge.
  • Internal high-fidelity loudspeaker
    Head-set interface on both sides with volume adjust
  • The line-in interface allows a microphone or another line-in device like a cell phone, or laptop to pass audio through to perform a teleconference
  • Full-digital signal transmission and processing, completely avoid RF interference from cell phones or similar devices.
  • Aircom AW CUT 201 Wireless Digital Chairman Unit Support pluggable microphone and different lengths of the microphone with strong audio collecting ability.
  • The timer on display to set a certain time for each delegate to speak will remind the user or close the MIC automatically
  • Aircom AW cut 201 price is 40,000. Call us at 01719300940 to know the details.